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Get to Work at Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center


Welding at Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center

When going to school—or going back to school—sounds like a lot of dreaded lectures without any obvious real-life application, we want to put you to work.

Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center offers high school and adult education programs that will teach you what you need to know through hands-on classes so you can find immediate and fulfilling opportunities in the real world.  


Photo of three medical assistant students

Along with a group of like-minded peers—people who get you—you will discover what it is you enjoy doing so that you can take pleasure and pride from your work after you finish school.

If you plan to go to college, you’ll have the skills you need to secure a well-paying job on your way to something even better.

Look around. Explore your options. Then get to work: there’s a world of opportunity waiting for you