Campus Programs

Have Questions?
Here are some FAQs and the answers.

Can students still do extracurricular activities if they go to the Career Center?
Absolutely. We have students who play sports, are in the band, sing in the choir, and participate in FFA. We will work with students who have practices/activities after school to release them earlier than other students.

What is the school day like at the Career Center?
The school day begins at 8:15am and ends at 2:45pm. For the 2024-2026 School Years, students will be on an A/B schedule due to construction.

Typically, students spend half of their school day (3 hours) in their program lab, with lunch, academic classes and study hall (or credit recovery) in the other half. Some programs have junior labs in the morning, others in the afternoon and then they switch for their senior year.

Why would a student want to go to the Career Center, instead of staying at their high school?
For most students, the split-style day, with half of the day doing hands-on learning and the other half completing academics, proves to be beneficial for many students, instead of them sitting in one class after another. 
Our programs provide students with the experience to be job and college ready. No matter their path after high school, our students do benefit by starting a step ahead of their peers when entering the workforce or going to college. 

If your student plans to attend college, why would they go to the Career Center?
Did you know that the Career Center is both a career-tech and college-prep school?
Our students get the best of both worlds. The traditional English, math, science and social studies courses are the same as they would take at their associate school. Many of our programs offer college credits as a part of their curriculum. When our students leave us, they pursue their choice of a career or college. Our academics are NCAA approved for those wanting to pursue athletics after high school. Seven of our programs offer Tuition Freedom Scholarships to North Central State College, allowing students to get an associates degree for free. The Career Center is not just a vocational school, it is an ideal place for anyone who wants a quality education and seeks occupational success. 

Does the Career Center offer CCP (College Credit Plus) classes?
Yes! We offer math, college English and microbiology in the building.
In addition, we have students who take CCP classes through North Central State College.

If my student doesn't know what they want to do after high school, why would they go to the Career Center?

We look at this two ways.
If your student has an area of interest, students are able to further explore that field, gain skills, industry knowledge and certifications. They can then decide if they want to pursue the career path, seek additional training (apprenticeships) or head off to college.
Or if they have no idea what they want to do, they can always take advantage of learning industry skills, certifications and training, so that they have knowledge and skills to work a higher paying job, while they figure out what the future holds.