Student Resources

Student Resource Center

ACWHCC Adult Education Student Resource Center’s mission is to provide temporary food and toiletries to enrolled ACWHCC adult students along with supplemental academic resources and technology.

Our Goals
• Create sustainable resources to temporarily help meet food and toiletry needs
• Provide students with access to supplemental academic resources and laptops
• Provide students accessing the resource center with additional resources to help them succeed
• Involve additional resources and community partners to assure the sustainability of the resource center

All currently enrolled ACWHCC adult students are eligible to use the resource center. Food and toiletries may be taken as needed.  Academic resources and technology may be borrowed in two-week intervals.  Office staff members to sign out books and laptops to students.

What Can You Do
Help us gather items such as non-perishable foods, foods students can eat while at class and toiletries.

Community Resources

This phone directory of community agencies and services available to assist students with housing, childcare, counseling, health issues, employment, cultural activities, crisis intervention, and many other needs.

Mentoring for Success with Transitions Services

Transitions is a job readiness and career transition program providing adults with pre-employment and career transition instruction in the areas of personal development, career exploration, employability, and resource management. Required Transitions classes provide a core component of training for each Career Development Program providing training in:

  • Google Docs, Gmail,, Backpack, resume writing

  • Job search assistance and follow-up

  • Interviewing skills

Personal Counseling

Successful completion of training programs and employment may be jeopardized by individual or family problems.  A student may ask for help by contacting the Ashland County-West Holmes School-Community Liaison or any staff member with whom he/she is comfortable.  Catholic Charities works closely and provides services when needed.

Employment Services

Graduating students are assisted in gaining employment through the following:

  • Job postings

  • Emailing current job openings to graduates from employer inquiries

  • Job search skills training

  • Identifying job opportunities through instructors’ resources

  • Assistance in resume preparation

  • Assistance with creation of Career Portfolio