This school changed my life! Teachers are wonderful and most students are very friendly as there aren't as many students as my home school I graduated but I'm proud to say I graduated from the JVS! The Interact group is also amazing I am so glad to say I was and still am a part of it. I live what they/we do and stand for!

Ashely Shepard
Ashland, OH

A lot better than the home school. More hands on. Great place to go.

Josh Fogleman

The Career Center has been great for our boy. We are so glad that he is going here.

Russ Christi Pratt

I never give all 10’s on surveys. This was the best training I have received as an employee...!


Not only have I applied what I’ve learned to the work environment, I can now see how I (and others) react to negative situations.


I feel like I have tools that I either didn't have before or was afraid to use.


Before school I was happy and content with working in a factory. I was happy to be going on my 13th year of employment. To my dismay, I was handed that all too famous "pink slip". I searched for over a year in finding employment, but had no success. The opportunity arose that I could go back to school to learn a different occupation. I hated the thought of being in a classroom for 6 hours a day. While on the skeptical side, I decided to give it a shot. I knew very little about computers or office work. I am glad my caseworker brought the idea of Business Office Technologies to my attention.... I have learned so much about computers and the different software that's often used in an office. I feel more confident...I have gained back my self-esteem, my pride, and do not fear trying to learn something new at my age!