Mentoring for Success with Transitions Services

Transitions is a job readiness and career transition program providing adults with pre-employment and career transition instruction in the areas of personal development, career exploration, employability, and resource management. Required Transitions classes provide a core component of training for each Career Development Program providing training in:

  • Google Docs, Gmail, Backpack, resume writing
  • Job search assistance and follow-up
  • Interviewing skills

Personal Counseling

Successful completion of training programs and employment may be jeopardized by individual or family problems.  A student may ask for help by contacting the Ashland County-West Holmes School-Community Liaison or any staff member with whom he/she is comfortable.  Catholic Charities works closely and provides services when needed.

Employment Services

Graduating students are assisted in gaining employment through the following:

  • Job postings
  • Emailing current job openings to graduates from employer inquiries
  • Job search skills training
  • Identifying job opportunities through instructors’ resources
  • Assistance in resume preparation
  • Assistance with creation of Career Portfolio