New Employee Training Costs

"Regardless of whether you're hiring a replacement employee or creating a new position that requires specialized skills, the costs of training new employees can vary." According to a Training Industry Report, noted in the article below,
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High School Seniors - Make Yourself More Marketable!

If you are an ambitious high school student entering your senior year, if you have completed most of your curriculum requirements and are on track for graduation in January or next May, you have a great opportunity to add to your skills through Ashla
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Consider a Non-Traditional Career

Why limit yourself to a career traditionally pursued by a specific gender? There are so many careers from which to choose! Whether you are a man or woman, check out the programs that will be starting next week!
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Ready for a New Career Direction?

Looking for a job? Or maybe you have a dead end job and want a better job? There are thousands of good-paying, in-demand jobs available nationally, state-wide, and locally but skilled workers are required. Need skills?
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Engineering Jobs Can Be High Dollar

Looking at lists of hard-to-fill positions, engineers of all kinds always seem to be at the top though engineering also tops lists of best paid professions. Yet, unfortunately, not many students are studying to enter the engineering field.
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