High School Seniors - Make Yourself More Marketable!

High School Seniors - Make Yourself More Marketable!

If you are an ambitious high school student entering your senior year, if you have completed most of your curriculum requirements and are on track for graduation in January or next May, you have a great opportunity to add to your skills through Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center’s  new “Seniors Only” program.  If you have extra room in your schedule, Seniors Only can give you industry-recognized credentials that will give you more diversified skills as you enter college or make you more marketable as you enter the workforce on graduation.  The Seniors Only options are taught at the Career Center by experienced, industry-credentialed experts, licensed through the Ohio Department of Education, and teaching with the Career Center’s Adult Education Department. 

Two Seniors Only day-time options are offered for the 2017-2018 school year at the Career Center: Manufacturing and Business & Finance.  If you choose either of these options, schedules will be individualized to meet your needs. 

Through the Manufacturing option, seniors will receive instruction and hands-on welding experience leading to one or more welding certifications from the American Welding Society.  Those signing up for the Manufacturing option will be attending class with adult students in the Maintenance Training program. 

With the Business and Finance option, students may earn Microsoft Office Specialist certifications in four of the following areas:  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook or Word Expert or Excel Expert.  Seniors choosing this option will be attending class with adult students in the Business Office Technologies program.

This is a real opportunity for high school seniors to broaden their skills before graduation at no cost.  For more information, contact the Career Center’s Adult Education Director at 419-289-3313 or 1-800-686-3313 Ext. 2246.

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