Ready for a New Career Direction?

Ready for a New Career Direction?

Looking for a job?  Or maybe you have a dead end job and want a better job?  There are thousands of good-paying, in-demand jobs available nationally, state-wide, and locally but skilled workers are required.  Need skills?  Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center’s Adult Education programs offer a way to upgrade your current skills or acquire new, in-demand skills that will enable you to meet your goal of improving your income and quality of life.    Consider the following statistics (source - Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Ohio Labor Market Information, Northeast Ohio 2014-2024, Ohio Job Outlook)

Over 8,000 new health-related jobs may be created in northeast Ohio by 2024 as healthcare occupations are projected to increase more than any other group of occupations.  In response to this projected need, the Career Center’s Adult Education Department has four established health-related programs – Phlebotomy, Medical Assisting, and Dental Assisting.  According to the above source, phlebotomy jobs are projected to increase 18%, dental assisting - 17%.  If you are interested in the healthcare field, you can enroll in one of these programs for training ranging from 100 – 900 hours. 

Perhaps you’ve read that manufacturing companies are beginning to return their operations to the USA so it’s no surprise that these industries will have a need for skilled welders.   Though the current projected increase is small (.4%), we are confident there will continue to be a need.  Qualifying students in our Welding Technology program can earn industrial welding certifications in MIG, TIG, and ARC welding giving them an advantage when applying for positions in the industrial field. 

Maintenance and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) technicians are in demand in both the private and public sectors.  The area of maintenance is expected to grow 4.7% resulting in almost 2,500 new positions in hospitals, factories, schools, government facilities, etc. throughout Northeast Ohio.  With HVAC, growth is projected to be 14.9% translating to almost 1,500 new jobs by 2024.  You can get the training you need to enter either of these fields via Adult Education’s Maintenance Training or HVAC programs.

In the business and medical arenas, skilled office workers are always in demand.  Computers rule in office work with programs like Excel, Power Point, Outlook, etc. and you must have these skills, along with good math and language skills, to compete in the office job market.  Office Administrative Services jobs are expected to be up 14% translating to about 2,700 jobs while Medical Records and Health Information Technician jobs may rise13% with over 1,000 new jobs in Northeast Ohio.   Hone your business office savvy and learn new skills with Adult Education’s programs in Business Office Technologies or Administrative Medical Office Specialist.  

When your goal is to get a job or to retrain for a better job, Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center’s Adult Education Department can help you choose your new career path.  You’ll find vocational counselors are on hand to assist as you discover your potential and think through your options for a  new direction.  Programs are not limited to the traditional school year and some programs offer summer classes.   Financial counselors are on hand and financial aid is available to qualified students.  Go online at or call for more information.

Photo:  Adult Education’s Dental Assisting students practice their skills in a clinical setting.  

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