Engineering Jobs Can Be High Dollar

Looking at lists of hard-to-fill positions, engineers of all kinds always seem to be at the top though engineering also tops lists of best-paid professions. Yet, unfortunately, not many students are studying to enter the engineering field. Says ACWHCC Engineering and Design Technology instructor, “Often students think they have to be geniuses to be an engineer, but engineering is not about memorizing facts, passing tests, and regurgitating information. My students learn scientific concepts and I pose real-world problems that they must tackle using critical thinking, a willingness to try new things, and an ability to learn from their mistakes. They need to be hard-working, creative, and most importantly, be able to bounce back from failure.”  went on to say, “Most of the highest paying jobs in Ohio are directly related to engineering – students in this field are extremely fortunate.”

The manufacturing arena offers a myriad of job possibilities for trained engineers and Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center’s Engineering and Design Technology program is preparing students to be the well-paid workers of tomorrow. Students who complete the program requirements will end their high school career with industry credentials that will serve them well in the workplace.


Says Career Center Superintendent, Mike Parry, “Our manufacturing-related programs were developed with input from local industry employers and they are designed to enable students who complete the requirements to hit the ground running when they leave us.  I encourage high school students to investigate and visit to learn more about the good things that are happening in our Engineering and Design Technology program and in our Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing Technology Educational Collaborative (RAMTEC) lab.”  For more information visit the district’s website at, click High School/Programs/Engineering Technology and Design.  Or contact the Career Center at 419-289-3313 or email sends e-mail) for more information.  

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