JTC News & Photos


 Hospitable Halloween 
Hospitality students did their part for the ACWHCC festivities with costumes and carved pumpkins.  Thanks for your participation!

Helping Hands

In a spirit of cooperation, some Hospitality program students lent a hand to the Culinary Careers Christmas Buffet event.  

Helpers for Santa's Workshop
Hospitality students helped preschoolers frost and decorate cookies during Early Childhood Education's Santa's Workshop.  


Someone Has to Do It!

Clean-up is never fun but it has to be done and Hospitality students learn how to do it effectively and with proper sanitation procedures.  

Cooperation With Brethren Care of Ashland
JTC students are learning how to tackle the world of work starting by arranging their transportation to Brethren Care Village of Ashland.  During two days a week, Maintenance Training students work alongside the regular maintenance staff...

...and Hospitality students perform tasks in the kitchen and dining room areas of the facilities.  Thanks to Brethren Care for this opportunity!  

Project Completed!
Maintenance & Mechanical Training students constructed a privacy "topper" for this concrete dividing wall in their classroom, then completed the project with the finishing touches.  Nice work!


M & M Seniors Present Final Projects
Seniors are required to put together a "final project" as part of their graduation requirements.  The projects must be related to their career-technical field and contain a written research paper and an oral presentation in front of a panel of judges.  This M & M senior is beginning his presentation.  

HOSP Senior Projects
The best part of being a judge for the Hospitality or Culinary Careers program is the taste testing!  This HOSP senior reported on and compared snacks, cravings, etc.  As part of his presentation, he had the judges compare savory, sweet, & salty snacks.    Yum!  

Senior Student of the Month
A senior Hospitality student from Ashland was named Senior Student of the Month for April.  He was honored at the May Board of Education meeting.  Congrats!