Summer School & Credit Recovery

  • All ACWHCC Summer School courses are online semester courses
  • Students must complete two (2) courses to earn one (1) high school credit
  • Students are not required to take two courses over the summer

Cost: $100 deposit (cash or check) is due prior to being able to begin working on a course.
Refund: $100 deposit will be refunded upon completion of the course with a passing grade, unless enrolling into another course then refund will be applied to that course. After all courses are passed, a refund will be issued.

Students who do not have (2) Science, (2) English, (2) Math, (2) History credits by their junior year will be able to begin working on recovering their credits for graduation through planning.
Review and complete the Student Credit Recovery Plan (with your home school counselor).

Session begins June 13, 2022
Complete application
Questions, email