Manufacturing (West Holmes High School)

Program Information

The Manufacturing program at West Holmes High School is an excellent pathway to good jobs in the manufacturing arena for successful and motivated students. Students receive hands-on instruction with an emphasis on production of wood products as they are introduced to types of wood and their corresponding uses. Safety is a major topic in this program as students learn proper operation of hand and power tools along with general shop safety procedures. Students learn the basics of project planning beginning with research, drawings, pricing, purchasing, cost-effectiveness, and, finally, execution. Beginning with small projects such as cutting boards and birdhouses, students' skills are assessed and instruction given as they prepare to advance to larger objects like tables and chairs. 

This program is available for WHHS students only. 
Students that are interested in this program should contact their school counselor.

Steve Lacko

Skills You'll Learn in This Program  

  • Proper Use of Hand and Power Tools
  • Safety Measures
  • Project Planning
  • Measuring Techniques
  • Gluing
  • Squaring
  • Sanding
  • Joining
  • Math Applications


Ready to get ahead? 

Taking control of your future is easier than you think. By finishing your high school education at in this program, you put yourself ahead of your peers with field experience a normal classroom could never replicate. Apply for this program and pursue your passion today!


Starting Out
With their new instructor, Mr. Lacko, students spend the early weeks of MFG class working on their first project, an end table, while learning skills that can be employed throughout their lives.  


MFG Students Put Skills to Use
Lots of advanced projects have been in the works this spring - a custom Adirondeck chair, a parquet tabletop, a relief of a wolf's head to name a few.  Great way to put those skills to work, guys!