Job Training Coordination (JTC)

This program is available by home school recommendation only. Students must meet program requirements.

The Job Training Coordination program offers hands-on training programs prepare students for life after high school and the world of work.

Students in this program will take their academic classes with a highly qualified Intervention Specialist. Our classes are designed to enable students to be successful academically.
Students will complete the following courses:
( 2 ) English
( 2 ) Mathematics
( 1 ) Science
( 1 ) Government/Economics
Includes a focus to learn employability skills over the course of the two-year program.
The Job Training Coordination program requires special recommendation from the student’s school counselor.
This program assists students in understanding their individual potential while helping match their abilities and goals through training for employment options.

Expectations for this program:
• Maintain good attendance and punctuality
• Demonstrate consistent personal hygiene and grooming
• Cooperation with others
• Perform assembly jobs according to instructions
• Follow routine
• Demonstrate ability to complete assigned task with good speed and quality
• Demonstrate appropriate social interactions with peers
• Follow written and spoken instructions
• Accept constructive criticism
• Work independently
• Show initiative
• Seek help when needed

There are no program or uniform fees associated with this program.

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Maintenance Training

Teacher: Tom Kalo

• Shop and workspace safety
• Proper hand and power tool usage
• Minor industrial maintenance skills
• Measuring techniques
• Basic construction methods & skills
• Basic janitorial skills
• Employee hygiene
• Transferable job skills

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