Early Childhood Education

Program Information

Come, join the fun as you plan activities that enhance a child’s intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development. Create, research, and provide developmentally appropriate learning materials and activities that make learning fun while operating a state certified preschool.

Students in this program also may be eligible for State of Ohio Day Care in-service training certificates in First Aid/CPR, Communicable Disease, Child Abuse Recognition and Prevention.

Students in this program may qualify for articulated college credit.

Preschool Parent Handbook

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Early Childhood Education | ACWHCC

Shirley Meehan

Skills You'll Learn in This Program 

  • Child development
  • Teacher assistant skills
  • Evaluation and observation techniques
  • Health/safety guidelines
  • First aid/CPR training
  • Care of facilities and equipment
  • Preschool operations for a school for three-, four- and five-year-olds
  • Related people and business skills 


Career Opportunities

This is the program for you if you want to be a/an:

  • Child care center assistant
  • Preschool teacher aide
  • Hospital pediatric assistant
  • Recreation center assistant
  • Elementary teacher aide
  • Private home child care provider

With further training you can become a:

  • Nanny
  • Child care center administrator
  • Elementary teacher
  • Child welfare worker/coordinator
  • Pediatric nurse

Ready to get ahead? 

Taking control of your future is easier than you think. By finishing your high school education at Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center, you put yourself ahead of your peers with field experience a normal classroom could never replicate. Apply for this program and pursue your passion today!


Preschool Goes to the Fair

ECE's 2018-2019 preschool classes visited the Ashland County Fair for a day, spending time in the animal barns with the cows, horses, pigs, rabbits, etc. 
A fun time for everyone!

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