Career Based Intervention (CBI)

Program Information

This program is designed to support sophomore students who have an interest in career technical education but are not meeting their potential or are struggling at their home schools.  Here's the opportunity for CBI students to receive individual support as they catch up on missing credits, both online and in the classroom.  At the same time, they'll have the chance to explore several ACWHCC career technical programs through sitting in on classes or observing in labs to determine their area of interest.  If CBI students discover a career-technical area that they wish to pursue and, if they meet Career Center standards, they may enroll in that program as a junior.


Career Based Intervention (CBI) | ACWHCC

Opportunities You'll Have in this Program  

  •  Learn employability skills
  •  Learn management of basic finances
  •  Make up credits online or in the classroom
  •  Observe and/or participate in 4 different career-tech programs of your choice


Career Opportunities

When you have completed the program, you will have:

  • a good idea of what program best suits your interests and skills
  • priority scheduling for your junior year

Ready to get ahead? 

Taking control of your future is easier than you think. By finishing your high school education at Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center, you put yourself ahead of your peers with field experience a normal classroom could never replicate. Apply for this program and pursue your passion today!


CBI Students Out and About 
CBI students each move through four programs during the school year as they look for a program that interests them and matches their strengths.  As they spend time in different programs, they observe and participate in class activities as this defensive moves exercise in Criminal Justice. 

Useful Skills Being Acquired 
A CBI sophomore investigating the Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing program earned a welding certificate from the American Welding Society during his time in that program.  Congrats!

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