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Everyone talks about what they want to be when they “grow up.”

But once you reach high school, growing up starts pressing in faster and faster. Suddenly this growing up thing is a reality. What you want to be isn't really the question — you know who you are and what it's all about — it's what do you want to do.  

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You don't have to decide today what you are going to do for the rest of your life, but you can decide on how you want to spend the next couple of years to prepare for the next steps.

 At Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center, you can be who you are and do what you love.

So what's high school at Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center really like?

You might worry that a career-technical education comes with certain stigmas. Maybe you've heard it said that career centers are where the "uncool kids" and outcasts go. Or if you go to a career center, you can't go to college. These ideas are wrong.

The Career Center is a place where school works for you. A place with benefits you won’t get at your home school - more hands-on, more of what you want to study, more relating to your career goals.  A place that opens more doors -- college, the workforce, military -- rather than closing them. A place where you can get started living the life that you dream.

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 With 18 programs to help you develop skills in high-demand fields, high school can be the lab and launch pad to securing a well-paying job right out of high school.

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Not quite sure what you want to do when you grow up? Find something you want to do today and start there. Choose your top three programs and tell us about it. We'll help you decide what program might be the right choice for you.

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Graduation from high school shouldn't be your end goal - graduation just marks the beginning of a new race and new challenges, and our students have an impressive track record.

98% of our students graduate high school. 88% find jobs or go on to college upon finishing their education.

Be one of them by pursuing your passion.