GRA News & Photos


It's Not Just Cereal!
GRA students are learning there's a lot more to that box of cereal than meets the eye.  They recently completed a lesson in production samples by making mock-ups for their own "product."  The project had students creating a product and then designing appropriate  packaging.  With help from the Engineering program's wide format printer, the box exteriors were printed, then adhered to cardboard, cut out, scored for folding, and voila! packaging for their own "product."  Nice work!  


GRA Does Halloween
GRA students went all out for Halloween with costumes, candy for the ECE preschoolers and a really cool decorated door!  Nice work!

New Projects, New Skills
GRA juniors are using their iPads to create story panels as they explore character development.  More to come!

Learning to Be Exact(o)
Proper use and care of an Exacto knife is a skill needed in the field of graphics and GRA students are learning and practicing.  Watch where you place those fingers!

Sophomores Visit GRA
Sophomores who chose to spend time in GRA during Sophomore Visitation found themselves working on computer-generated projects.  GRA students hope the hands-on activity will entice the visitors to enroll in their program for next fall.  

Senior Projects
GRA seniors had the opportunity to display their skills with their senior projects.  Projects must be related to the career-technical area of study and include a written research paper and an oral presentation in front of a panel of judges.  This senior's project involved her passion - photography.  

GRA Meets Guys With Gloves
Visiting sixth grade boys had the chance to let their creative juices flow as GRA students helped them create a design on an IPad, then project the design to the "big screen."   Fun!!


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