COS News & photos


COS Hosts Girls with Goggles
Some COS students gave up their day-off to host pink-shirted sixth grade girls who attended the Girls with Goggles event.  The visitors were treated to hair styling and manicures during their short time in the COS lab.    



Guys Choose COS Program
ACWHCC encourages students to enter non-traditional programs, e.g. girls enrolling in Auto Tech and boys enrolling in Cosmetology.  Best wishes to the two young men who have taken that suggestion seriously and joined the COS program.  


Cosmetology Hosts Sophomores
Visiting sophomores were treated to the best of COS during the annual Sophomore Visitation.  Current students enticed the visitors to enroll for next fall by involving them in manicures, styling, and waxing.

COS Learns About Domestic Abuse
Representatives from Ashland's Safe Haven Rape & Domestic Violence Shelter, spoke to COS students about the 3 "R"'s of awareness of domestic abuse:  (1) recognize the signs and patterns, (2) respond appropriately, (3) refer the potential victim to trained advocates.  Thanks to the ladies of Safe Haven!

 Dads Day 
The COS ladies treated their dads to a day of pampering complete with haircuts, manicures, pedicures, beard trims, etc.   Dads got to see their "little girls" at work in the career-technical field they have chosen.  Nice way to appreciate your dads, ladies!

COS Participates in Santa's Workshop
Preschoolers in the Early Childhood Education program were treated to nail painting/decorating and hair curling  in the COS salon during Santa's Workshop.   Thanks to the COS students for their help!


These lovely ladies were winners in the competition sponsored by the Ohio Association of Beauticians in Columbus on November 12, 2018.  Congrats, ladies!

Seniors Show Off Projects
It's time for seniors to present their final projects that have been in production for the last few months.  Seniors must choose a topic relating to their career-technical area, research, write a paper, and then give an oral presentation in front of judges who grade areas such as  dress, presentation, content, eye contact, etc.  This senior designed and built her model for a salon.  

SkillsUSA Winners!
These three ladies took awards at the Northeast Regional SkillsUSA competition and are going on to state contest.  They took 1st place in Nails and Cosmetology and 3rd place in Esthetics.  You go, girls, at state!  

Guys With Gloves Explore COS
Visiting sixth grade boys were treated to some colorful highlights as they visited COS during the Guys With Gloves event.