Construction Tech News & Photos

CT Hosts Girls with Goggles

Several CT students gave up their day-off to host pink-shirted sixth grade girls at the Girls with Goggles event.  CT also invited in several women carpenters to illustrate the opportunities available to women in the trades.  Girls were excited to try power drills, planes, and a power lift.   Great job, CT students!




Construction Tech Leads Demos on Equipment Day
CT/BT's annual Equipment Day brought numerous local dignitaries and construction representatives to ACWHCC to watch CT & Building Trades students show their "stuff" as they operated various equipment including aerial platforms and telehandlers.  


Sophomores Visit CT
Whether pounding a nail or wiring an outlet, CT students hoped the hands-on activities in their lab would entice visiting sophomores to enroll in their program for next fall.  

`Finishing Touches
CT students are putting finishing touches on the house they began over a year ago.  A master bathroom vanity is under construction and painting is coming along quite nicely.    


Local Business Donates Furnace 
When the old furnace conked out in the house-under-construction, finishing work was impossible on cold winter days.  Ashland Comfort Control came to the rescue with a donation of a new furnace.  Thanks, Comfort Control.   

Creative & Innovative
CT students have gotten creative with this year's house that sports a more primitive style.  You'll find a pantry that is hidden behind a movable door that is also a shelf, concrete bathroom counter tops, pipe towel racks, and more.  

Move 'Em Out!
CT juniors load up the new plant benches destined for the Agriculture program at Ashland High School.  The benches were built last fall and will be delivered as the AG program prepares to sow their seeds.   

Greenhouses Under Construction
The plant benches built last fall have been delivered to the greenhouses at Ashland High School.  Junior and senior CT students tag teamed for a week to assemble the benches in the greenhouses and get the job done.   


Bookcase Project Begins Again
The  Ashland County "Bookcase for Every Child" project was adopted last spring by the CT program at ACWHCC.  CT students have  begun handcrafting more than fifty bookcases which will be  filled with books and distributed to deserving children in late April.  

CT will be helped with he presentation ceremony by other ACWHCC programs:  Graphic Communications (invitations), Culinary Careers (food), Robotics & Advanced Mfg (brass name plates), Early Childhood Education (entertaining children).  


Up For Auction
Looking for a new home?  The house under construction by CT for the past two school years will be at auction on May 11th.    Finishing touches are being added!  


CT Seniors Show Off Projects 
Seniors presented their final projects that have been in production for the last few months.  Seniors are required to choose a topic relating to their career-technical area, research, write a paper, and then give an oral presentation in front of judges who grade areas such as  dress, presentation, content, eye contact, etc.  This senior's project was an example of structure construction.  Nice work!

 Guys With Gloves Visit CT
Visiting sixth grade boys had a chance to try out some tools when they spent time in CT during the Guys With Gloves event.   Hammers and planes and power drills!  Oh my! 

CT Entertains Auditor of State

Keith Faber, Auditor of State, paid a surprise visit to ACWHCC this spring and CT students showed off the house they have built.   The Auditor was duly impressed with the construction and the fact the program will recoup the cost of the house through an auction.  

Smiles Make Work Worthwhile
The smiles of Head Start preschoolers at the Bookcase for Every Child
presentation made CT's work on the Bookcase for Every Child project worth it! Thanks guys!  

It's someone's dream home!


House Ready for Auction
The house that has been under construction for the past two school years is ready for a new owner.  


Bye-Bye House
The 2019 auction is over and the house that CT built has a new owner.  The house will be moved to its new home during the summer.  Great job, students past and present!  


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