CCM News & Photos


CCM Caters Equipment Day
Students in CCM created and served a lunch for around sixty people who attended Construction Tech/Building Trades annual company owners/managers, trades teachers from other schools, etc.  Great job!

Halloween Capers
CCM students got into the spirit of the season with costumes and candy for the ECE preschoolers.  Thanks for participating!

Whipping Up Something Sweet
CCM students have been creating desserts and dessert sauces are the logical next step.  This lemon sauce looks (and smells) yummy!  

CCM Welcomes Sophomores
It was hands-on activities for sophomores visiting  CCM during the annual Sophomore Visitation.  CCM students hoped the visitors would enjoy pretzel rolling and cupcake decorating enough to enroll in their program next fall

White Apron Opens 
The White Apron Restaurant had a successful 2019 opening week.  Students prepared and served community members who took advantage of the great food,  

Skills Being Put the the Test
It's not all about serving in a restaurant.  Students work hard behind the scenes using the skills they have been learning to prepare the very best food for their White Apron customers.  

CCM Student of the Month
Fresh off a team appearance at the Culinary Affair with Pork contest, this CCM junior from Mapleton has been named Junior Student of the Month for January.     Congrats!


Senior Projects
CCM seniors put their knowledge to the test with their final projects.   This senior chose  to
discuss L-tryptophan, its effects on the body, and its sources.   Judges were invited to sample the snacks provided.

Desserts Rule! 
Italian Day at the White Apron Restaurant included special desserts in the form of cannoli and tiramisu.  Lo cal, of course.  

CCM Meets Guys With Gloves
Visiting sixth grade boys were treated to a lesson in making "dessert sushi"during the Guys with Gloves event.  Rice Krispy treats were flattened out and filled with goodies, rolled in appropriate crumbs, and drizzled with sauce.  Yum!  

Dinner Prep With Chef Steven and Chef Jacob
Time for the big Senior Class Finale Dinner - Invitation Only.  With Chef Steven and Chef Jacob (former CCM students!) in charge, CCM students hopped to it with intense instruction and preparation.  


Senior Class Finale Dinner is a Go
After much hard work and slave-driving by Chef Steven, it's show-time for the special invited guests.  What a menu!  Roasted Heirloom Baby Carrots, Root Spinach Salad with Shaved Asparagus, Risotto, Scallops on Artichoke Puree, Chocolate Ganache with Raspberries.  A great evening.  Thanks, students!



Thanks, Chef Steven (Class of 2013) & Chef Jacob (Class of 2011)
It was great to have you back at ACWHCC and to see how skills learned in CCM have benefitted you in your chosen career. What a great example you set for our students! Thanks for your assistance  with this year's Senior Finale Dinner.  We love having you here. 

Seniors Serve Final Meal in CCM
The Senior Class Finale Dinner was a fitting end to two years of sweat and toil in the CCM kitchen.  Thanks, seniors.  Best wishes for your future.