OSHA Training at Ashland County - West Holmes Career Center

OSHA Compliance Training
Instructor: Jeff Jones

Are you ready to learn about how to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses? Stay compliant with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

We have customized training available for your business.

10-Hour Training - OSHA Safety Training Course provides a general overview of OSHA regulations, safety in the workplace, safety training, and what to look for in your facility. This is an excellent course for production and office employees.
30-Hour Training - OSHA Safety Training Course provides a more in-depth, comprehensive course designed for managers, supervisors,  maintenance personnel, owners, and human relations personnel in your organization. This course includes the 10-hour course,  plus 20 additional hours of implementation of OSHA standards, training, and compliance, provided with satisfactory completion of both courses. 
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