We are Now an Apprenticeship Sponsor

Working with the Apprenticeship Coordinator, curricula can be modeled to fit your particular business needs with approval from the Ohio State Apprenticeship Council.  It is the best way to train and retain your most valuable resource, your workforce.

How Does It Benefit Your Business?
  • Reduce your turnover and training costs by retaining skilled workers
  • Improved productivity
  • Your cost is reasonable
  • Apprentices earn a living while training which allows them reliable employment with your company
How Does It Work?
  • Apprentices begin work on their first day on the job
  • Apprentices earn a wage while learning
  • Wages increase as they become more proficient
  • Ohio has more than 1,100 registered programs
  • Each program includes a minimum of 2,000 hours structured on-the-job training and 144 hours per year related technical instruction
  • Upon completion of registered apprenticeship program, participants receive a national, industry recognized credential

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Enroll your employee in one of our adult education programs:

adults in classroom




Year 1:  Levels 1 and 2

ACWHCC 600 hour Electrical program (Includes NCCER Levels 1 and 2)
Year 2
NCCER Level 3 - 155 hours
Year 3
NCCER Level 4 - 180 hours 

 electrical apprenticeship





Year 1 Level 1

ACWHCC 600 hour Plumbing program (includes NCCER Level 1)
Year 2
NCCER Level 2 - 165 hours
Year 3
NCCER Level 3 - 160 hours
Year 4
NCCER Level 4 - 145 hours



Industrial Maintenance


Year 1 Level 1
ACWHCC Industrial Maintenance Technician 750 hour program (includes NCCER Level 1)
Year 2
NCCER Level 2 - 160 hours
Year 3
NCCER Level 3 - 155 hours
Year 4
NCCER Level 4 - 145 hour

man grinding


How to Get Started

  • Understand the Apprenticeship Program requirements
  • Partner with us to design a program that meets the parameters established under the National Apprenticeship Act
  • Get your apprenticeship program registered with the State of Ohio
  • Available apprenticeship occupations can be found at

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