BT News


BT Ready to Tackle Interior Work on House
Exterior work completed last school year on the BT house looks good and students are ready to begin interior work.   Insulation is installed and wallboard is going up and being "mudded"  


Looking Good!
Exterior work is done on the BT house.  Interior finishing is being done.    

We're Getting There
The interior is coming together nicely.  Kitchen cabinets are in and we're waiting to install  the concrete countertops.  

It's time for the Open House.  The Modern Farmhouse in Millersburg do a fantastic job of staging to show off the interior detail   That black walnut slab kitchen island is IT!!  The auction is coming up.  Drum up some bidders!  This house is a gem!

BT House Has New Owner
It was $60,000 that took home the BT house that was offered at auction on May 18th.  Interestingly, the new owner has a son in the BT class.  What a great connection!