Thanks for Asking

Thanks for Asking

 Q:  Why should my student attend the Career Center?
A:  The 21st Century is a world with different requirements than what was needed, what was considered important, in years past.  A high school diploma used to open the door to a good-paying job but, as the Career Center works closely with employers in business and industry, they tell us more is needed in the work arena today.  Career-based skills and industry credentials are necessary to qualify for many of the good-paying jobs that are available.  The Career Center aims to prepare our students with real-life skills leading to success in the 21st Century and beyond.

 Q:  What does it cost for my student to attend the Career Center?
A:  There is no cost.  The Career Center is funded by the State of Ohio and local taxpayer dollars.  In addition, our students pay no student fees for Career Wear, textbooks, workbooks, etc. 

Q:  Is transportation available to the Career Center?
A:  Each of our associate schools provides bus transportation to the Career Center from their respective high schools.  Some of our students, especially those who have after-school jobs or activities, do opt to drive to school. 

 Q:  What if a student doesn’t live within one of the associate school districts? 
A:  We welcome students from out-lying districts but they must provide their own transportation to and from school.

 Q:  My student is home-schooled.  Can he continue to do academics at home and attend the Career Center for just a career-technical lab? 
A:  Yes.  We are happy to have home-schooled students participate in our career-technical programs; however, they must provide their own transportation. 

 Q:  How does the Career Center incorporate technology into its curriculum?
A:  The Career Center strives to keep up with the latest technology in all of its programs.  You’ll find robotic arms, CNC machines, and a 3-D printer in the Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering and Design programs.  A virtual excavator and virtual bulldozer are used by students in the Construction Technology program and virtual painting equipment is utilized in the Auto Body Technology program.  And these are just a few examples of the ways we integrate technology into our programs.  In addition, the Career Center is moving toward a digital learning platform with a One to One Digital Learning Initiative in which the school will be supplying a Chrome Book to each incoming student for use in both academics and career-technical labs.

 Q:  What does a typical school day look like at the Career Center? 
A:  A school day at the Career Center is very similar to a day at an associate school with 40 minute periods for academic classes in English, math, science, government, etc.; however, approximately half  of our school day is spent in academic classes and half in career-technical labs.  E.g. Senior students in the Networking and Electronics Technology program will be in their Networking lab in the morning and in academic classes in the afternoon while junior Networking students have the opposite schedule. 

 Q:  Does the Career Center have a lunch program?
A:  Yes.  Our students do have a lunch period with the Career Center’s cafeteria program offering nutritious lunches to all students at a reasonable cost.   As at the associate schools, parents may qualify their student for free or reduced lunches by completing the proper paperwork.  We also offer a free breakfast to all students. 

 Q:  Can my student still participate in band, choir, sports, etc. at the associate school?
A:  Any Career Center student certainly can be involved with extracurricular activities at their associate school and we encourage students who choose that option.

 Q:  How will my student know what is happening at their associate school? 
A:  Each associate school maintains a bulletin board of information about events in that school and daily announcements keep students “in the loop” with the associate schools.  Students can receive also updates during our monthly “communications day” meetings and associate school administrators and school counselors may make visits to keep connected with their students. 

 Q:  My child wants to attend college to seek a degree after high school.  How does the level of education provided at the Career Center compare to what my student would receive at our associate school? 
A:  The Career Center’s academic classes meet the same State of Ohio standards as the associate schools and provide the courses needed to prepare a student for college. As at the associate schools, the Career Center offers required academic classes in chemistry, English, math (geometry, algebra II, college algebra & geometry), government, and more.   In some cases, the Career Center offers more College Credit Plus (CCP) classes than the associate schools.  Our students can take advantage of a CCP English and a CCP Math class that will transfer to any college.  CCP classes are imbedded into the Robotics & Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering and Design Technology programs and we plan to build CCP Biology into the senior year of the Animal & Veterinary Science program. Additionally, three Career Center staff members are adjunct professors at North Central State College and teach college level classes at the school. 

 Q:  How can Career Center programs prepare my student for college?  
A:  The Career Center’s 18 career-technical programs help students connect classroom work with real life and real careers.  It’s not just about book work but about putting that information to work, learning skills in strategizing, how to approach problems, using teamwork, and how to practically apply what they learn in the classroom.  These are skills needed not only by the work world but also needed for success in college.  Additionally, all of our career-technical programs offer articulated college credits that can transfer to collaborating colleges and advanced technical schools.  With the cost of higher education, this can be a real money-saver for students and parents.

 Q:  Can Career Center students take online classes?
A:  Career Center students can take advantage of online classes on two fronts. We offer PLATO Online Learning which enables students to recover credits and qualified students can take advantage of online college classes through North Central State College.  These credits may transfer to their college of choice in the future. These classes are FREE to the student and again, they can make a significant dent in higher education expenses for parents. 

 Q:  My student has special needs.  What happens to his Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan?
A:  The IEP or 504 Plan follows the student to the Career Center. The Career Center makes an effort to meet the needs of all students if it possibly can.

 Q:  Does the Career Center recognize outstanding achievement by its students? 
A:  The Career Center has several methods of recognizing student achievements.  Each month outstanding students are named as Junior and Senior Students of the Month and at the end of the school year a Student of the Year is chosen from these nominees.  Students may be named to the Honor Roll and the Perfect Attendance list for each nine-week grading period.  The Career Center also boasts one of the State’s first National Technical Honor Societies with deserving students inducted into the society each spring at the annual Academic Recognition Night. Students may also be named to Outstanding Technical Achiever status each spring.

 Q:  Will my student still graduate from her associate school?
A:  Yes.  Students who have met graduation requirements may receive their diploma from their associate school and participate in the associate school graduation ceremonies.  Graduating seniors are recognized at the Career Center’s Senior Recognition Assembly during which they receive their career-technical certifications and portfolio.

 Q: Can my student qualify for scholarships if they attend the Career Center?
A:  Yes.  Actually, Career Center students may be more apt to receive scholarships as both their academic credits AND their career-technical credits apply.  A number of scholarships are awarded to Career Center students each spring.  Qualifying students may be eligible for the North Central State College “Tuition Freedom” scholarships of several thousand dollars each.  There are also locally sponsored scholarships of smaller amounts available and, of course, high school students may apply for scholarships offered through their associate school guidance departments and through institutions of higher education. 

 Q:  Can Career Center students qualify for internship/cooperative programs or summer work in their chosen program?   
A:  Yes.  Many enterprising students take advantage of internship experiences and each program has its own unique opportunities.  Students must be second semester seniors who are passing all their academics and have at least a "C" in their lab class.  Paperwork must be completed and the student, the parents, the principal, the teacher, & the employers must sign.  Examples of students at work include:  As part of the Bioscience College-NOW program, students are required to participate in scientific work at local venues; Students in the Construction Technology program may go through an application and interview process with local construction companies for summer work; Cosmetology students may be employed to do basic work at local salons as they prepare for their State licensing exam.  Auto Technology and Auto Body also have had students involved in internships.  

 Q:  Does the Career Center have clubs and student organizations? 
A:  Yes.  Each career-technical program is affiliated with a national career-technical student organization (CTSO) which sponsors competitions and events that bring together students in these programs at the district, region, state, and national levels.  E.g. For the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 school years, a Career Center student ranked first in the State of Ohio in Electronics and qualified for the national contest.  Service-minded students may join the Interact Club, a service-oriented organization affiliated with Rotary International.  Interact students plan and carry out various projects in our communities and around the school.  The Career Center sponsors a chapter of the Drug Free Clubs of America that also has the support of local employers.  Interested students also can join the recently formed choir that performs annually at the Senior Farewell Assembly. 

 Q:  The associate schools don’t require students to wear uniforms so why does the Career Center require them?
A:  The Career Center is preparing students for careers and we think it’s important that our students develop the sense of professionalism that employers often require.  We want our students to get into the habit of “dressing for success.”  The Career Wear look also removes the stigma and drama that often come with student -chosen apparel and nearly eliminates the need for administrative discipline in regard to dress code.  The Career Center supplies the basic Career Wear (excluding pants and shoes) at no cost to the student.

Student Services/Guidance Counselor Jamie Garverick will be happy to address any other questions.  Give her a call at 419-289-3313 , ext. 2212 or email her at

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