Agriculture News


Getting Ready for Spring
Ag students have been preparing the greenhouse for the arrival of new plant-growing benches.  Part of that preparation involves 2nd story work - repairing the sprinkler system.  

New Plant Benches Put In Place
AG students popped in as Construct Tech students delivered and assembled the new plant benches for the greenhouses.  

Spring is Just Around the Corner
The greenhouses are full to overflowing as AG prepares for their annual spring plant sale.   Things are looking GOOD!  

Check the Veggies!  
It's lettuce and onions and zucchini.  Oh my!  The veggies are ready.   It's salad time!  Bring your own dressing.  

Plant Sale!!!
Ag's annual plant sale is in full swing.  There are oodles and oodles of plants from which to choose.  Pick your favs.    

The Pots are in Place!
For the second year, flowers grown by AG students are adorning the campus of Ashland University.  The pots and bedding plants were ready to go in time for the AU graduation in early May.  Way to go, AG students!  

AG Flowers Occupy a Major Place on the AU Campus
Check those purple and yellow pansies that adorn the Ashland University Eagle on "the point" at the intersection of Claremont Ave, King Rd, and College Ave.  AG GREW THEM!  Yeah!  Prominent exposure for the AG program!

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