Adult Education Programs

Employers are continually seeking employees to close the ever growing ‘skills gap’ in jobs that require middle-skills.  Our focus is to provide training that provides the skills needed to fill the estimated 30 million jobs that require an education, post high school and below a bachelor’s degree.  With a wide variety of program options developed to prepare adults for the workforce or for a career change.  The accelerated programs that can be completed quickly, typically within one year.

Earn One Year College Credit

You can earn one year of college credit with 900-hour Career Development programs.
Check out our partnership with Lorain County Community College.  
You can complete a program with us and be halfway to your associate of technical studies.

Learn more about the One-Year Option with Lorain County Community College.

One Year Option with LCCC and ACWHCC

Adult Diploma Program

Learn valuable work skills AND earn your high school diploma!

If you are an adult age 20 or older, you can earn a high school diploma AND learn the skills needed to succeed in one of Ohio's in-demand job industries. Choose from four programs and start down the path to a high school diploma AND a new career.

Share Your Dream

Sometimes the first step to making your dreams come true is actually telling someone what it is you want to do. Tell us. We can help you figure out the steps it might take to get you to where you want to be. 

Let's talk about your next steps. 
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