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Expand Your Skills through Online Learning

Stand out from other applicants for jobs or advance in your current opportunity by taking a personal enrichment course through Ed2Go, the Career Center's connection to online education for adult learners.

300+ Instructor-Led Classes

Start your journey to a brighter future! Classes  start at $99, and you have six weeks to complete approximately 24 hours of online course assignments and assessments. Visit Ed2Go to view all of the courses available to you, start dates, how to enroll, and more.

Online Courses | Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center

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Looking for a career change or specific certification?

Select a career path and obtain certificates or certifications from national agencies with an Ed2Go career training program below.

Need some funds to take a course?

Ed2Go offers financial assistance options.  Check out their Financial Assistant tab. You may qualify to get assistance from your local Job & Family Services.  Some of the Career Development courses have been approved through Ohio Job & Family Services.  Talk to your JFS Specialist to learn more.

You may qualify for funding to take online courses.

Did you know that some of the Ed2Go Career Development courses have been approved by Ohio Department of Job & Family Services for funding?  Contact your local Job and Family Services office to see if you qualify.

Earn a Certification 

Courses that have been approved include vouchers to take a certification test upon completion of the course.   Click the button below to see which courses have been approved.  

Approved Courses

dog with girl on laptop, online learning, adult education