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 Instructor-Led Classes

Personal enrichment courses through Ed2Go, are convenient and affordable.
Classes  start at $99, and you have six weeks to complete approximately 24 hours of online course assignments and assessments. Visit Ed2Go to view all of the courses available to you, start dates, how to enroll, and more.

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 Career Training Programs

Jump Start Your Career of Find a New One!
6 - 18 Month Programs  |  All Materials Included  |  Certification Prep
Instructor Assistance  |  Financial Assistance Available

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Funding Opportunities

Check out the Ed2Go Financial Assistant tab to learn about financial assistance options.  You may qualify for assistance from your local Job & Family Services.  Some Career Development courses may be eligible.  Talk to your JFS Specialist to learn more.

Earn a Certification 

Eligible courses include vouchers to take a certification test upon completion of the course.  Talk with your local Job & Family Services Specialist to see which courses are eligible.