Aspire - Ohio's Adult Basic Literacy Education Program


Learn More, Earn More

Flexible Learning without Fees

To get a good job today, you need basic academic and workforce skills, and access to affordable, high-quality higher education options. Aspire is more than a high school diploma, equivalency, or GED®, it is access to confidence-building skills to help you excel in the workplace and position yourself to meet your personal and professional goals.

Through Aspire, you can:

  • Improve your reading, math, writing, and English
  • Prepare for the GED®
  • Prepare for college or an adult education program
  • Learn to speak and write English more effectively

 Aspire will prepare you to meet your next goal, whether you are seeking your high school diploma, equivalency, or GED®, U.S. citizenship, English proficiency, future educational opportunities, or better job skills. 

The best part? It’s FREE.

 Aspire classes are free to anyone 18 and older. Sixteen- and 17-year-old students must be officially withdrawn from school.

Aspire Learning Environment

  • Informal - classes are flexible and informal, not your traditional classroom design
  • Individualized - learn what you need to know, at your own level, to meet your own needs
  • Solo or Group Learning - study alone or with others; your classes will include group learning, tutoring and computer skills
  • Self-directed - participate in just one or a combination of services based on your own personal goals
  • Helpful - receive guidance and instruction from teachers who are there to help you with your studies