Administration & Staff at Ashland County - West Holmes Career Center



Rodney Cheyney, Superintendent

Mr. Rodney Cheyney is serving as Superintendent.  As superintendent, he is responsible for overseeing all functions of the building and the high school and Adult Education programs and staff.  He is a direct employee of the ACWHCC Board of Education.,  419-289-3313  Ext. 2215


Julie Smith, Treasurer

Mrs. Julie Smith is serving as Treasurer.  She oversees all financial matters including the General Fund, the Permanent Improvement Fund, federal, state, and local grants, etc. Mrs. Smith is a direct employee of the ACWHCC Board of Education., 419-289-3313  Ext. 2211

Julie Smith, ACWHCC


Rick Brindley, Principal

Mr. Rick Brindley is serving as Principal.  Mr. Brindley oversees the entire high school program and the staff., 419-289-3313 Ext. 2214


Allen Wilson, Assistant Principal

Mr. Allen Wilson is serving as Assistant Principal.   He is primarily responsible for student discipline., 419-289-3313  Ext. 2231



John Davis, Satellite Supervisor/Testing Coordinator

Mr. John Davis is serving as Satellite Supervisor/Testing Coordinator at ACWHCC beginning with the 2019-2020 school year.  Mr. Davis has been with the career center since 2008.  He will oversee the satellite programs and student testing., 419-289-3313 Ext. 2218

John Davis, ACWHCC


Nancy Hall, Adult Education Director

Ms. Nancy Hall is serving as Adult Education Director.  Ms. Hall oversees customized business and industry training, adult career enhancement and development programs, and adult diploma options., 419-289-3313 ext. 2246 


Andy Huffman, Technology Supervisor

Oversees all aspects of district technology operations and planning aligning technology needs with curriculum.  Previously was Director of Technology for several Ohio school districts in the K-12 field with a specialty of working 1:1 with districts helping them meet their technology goals & visions., 419-289-3313 Ext. 2217

Andy Huffman, ACWHCC


Joe Bowman, Maintenance Supervisor

Joe Bowman, Maintenance Supervisor, oversees all maintenance and building improvements and supervises a staff of five custodial employees., 419-289-3313 Ext. 2237

Joe Bowman, ACWHCC


Cheryl Fitzpatrick, Assistant Treasurer

Mrs. Cheryl Fitzpatrick assists Mrs. Julie Smith to oversee the payroll and EMIS processes of the district., 419-289-3313 Ext. 2210  

 High School Staff Directory

Maria Adams
Intervention Specialist
419-289-3313 ext 2302


Dawn Bender
419-289-3313 ext 2307


Rachel Bixler
Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator
419-289-3313 ext 2293



Joseph Bowman
Supervisor of Maintenance
419-289-3313 ext 2237


Rick Brindley
419-289-3313 Ext. 2214


Jeremy Brown


Kristin Burke
Intervention Specialist
419-289-3313 ext 2238


Rodney Cheyney
419-289-3313 ext 2215


Jacci Costas-Leach
419-289-3313 ext 2312


James Dahl


John Davis
Satellite Supervisor / Testing Coordinator
419-289-3313 ext 2218


Joshua Davis
419-289-3313 ext 2237


Sherri Dickerson
Cafeteria Aide
419-289-3313 ext 2230


Jake Donelson
Automotive Technology
419-289-3313 ext 2263


Shannon Donelson
Early Childhood Education
419-289-3313 ext 2226


Kathy Diederich
Culinary Careers
419-289-3313 ext 2233


Amy Elderbrock
Animal Science/Veterinary Technology
419-289-3313 ext 2264


Kelly Ferguson
419-289-3313 ext 2243


Cheryl Fitzpatrick
Assistant Treasurer/EMIS Coordinator
419-289-3313 ext 2210

Tod Fox
Agriculture (Ashland High School) or

Tim Friend
419-289-3313 ext 2280


Jana Funk
Assistant to the Treasurer
419-289-3313 ext 2308


Jamie Garverick
Student Services/School Counselor
419-289-3313 ext 2212


Tracy Gibbs

Intervention Specialist
419-289-3313 ext 2223


Dawn Gibson

419-289-3313 ext 2286


Deb Gilson
School-Community Liaison
419-289-3313 ext 2277


Pam Grubbs

419-289-3313 ext 2282


Bonnie Harigan
Secretary to Principal
419-289-3313 ext 2213


Nicholas Houmard
Auto Body
419-289-3313 ext 2261


T.J. Houston
Cyber Security and Networking
419-289-3313 ext 2316


Andy Huffman
Technology Coordinator
419-289-3313 ext 2217

Tom Kalo
Maintenance Training
419-289-3313 ext 2318


Tim Kernan

Sports Science (Ashland High School) or


Steven Lacko
Manufacturing (West Holmes Campus)

Anne Leidigh

Animal Science/Veterinary Technology
419-289-3313 ext 2264


Casey Magyar
Social Studies
419-289-3313 ext 2287

David McMillen
Construction Trades (West Holmes)
330-674-6085 or 800-498-9447


Melissa Meeker

Career-Based Intervention
419-289-3313 ext 2315


Christine Mickley
419-289-3313 ext 2208


Christina Moser
Intervention Specialist
419-289-3313 ext 2236


Mark Overlow
Graphic Communications
419-289-3313 ext 2270


Amy Parrish
Social Studies
419-289-3313 ext 2273


Tricia Piper
Secretary to the Superintendent and Treasurer
419-289-3313 ext 2205


Jim Ritchie
419-289-3313 ext 2237


Peggy Rixson
Cafeteria Aide
419-289-3313 ext 2230


Molly Shea
419-289-3313 ext 2243


Tammie Shipper
In-School Detention Monitor
419-289-3313 ext 2320


Lisa Shopbell
Attendance Secretary / Receptionist
419-289-3313 ext 2206   


James Simmering
Robotics & Advanced Manufacturing
419-289-3313 ext 2279


Juanita Smith
Culinary Aide
419-289-3313 ext 2233


Julie Smith
419-289-3313 ext 2211


John Staats
Construction Technology
419-289-3313 ext 2278


Janet Stephens
419-289-3313 ext 2237


Julia Subler
419-289-3313 ext 2228


Melisa Swainhart
Early Childhood Education Aide
419-289-3313 ext 2226


Dawn Topovski
419-289-3313 ext 2285


Jaime Unklesby
419-289-3313 ext 2283


Shawn Wade
Welding (Senior Only)
419-289-3313 ext 2260


Rita Wiening
Business College-NOW (Ashland Universiy)


Joshua Welch

Criminal Justice
419-289-3313 ext 2274


Emma Whitaker
Cafeteria Aide
419-289-3313 ext 2230



Roberta White
Intervention Specialist
419-289-3313 ext 2216


Amanda Young
Health Technology Instructor
419-289-3313 ext 2266

 Adult Education Staff Directory


Brian Black
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Instructor


Pat Cucco
Welding Instructor


Nicole Davis
Evening Secretary
419-289-3313 ext 2203 


Jeanie Haapalainen
Office Technologies Instructor
419-289-3313 ext 2222


Nancy Hall
Adult Education Director
419-289-3313 ext 2246


Amanda Holloway
Phlebotomy Instructor


Jeff Jones
Industrial Maintenance Technician Instructor/
Diversified Industrial Trainer
419-289-3313 ext 2247


Brenda LaGoy
Medical Assisting Instructor/Practicum Coordinator
419-289-3313 ext 2239


Vicki Loucks
Financial Aid Officer/Enrollment
419-289-3313 ext 2220


Rick Price
Industrial Maintenance Technician Instructor/
Electrical Technologies Instructor
419-289-3313 ext 2203


DeAnna Reynolds
Dental Assisting Instructor


Adrea Tennant
Human Resource Development Coordinator
419-289-3313 ext 2292


Heinz Thiemens
Plumbing  Technologies Instructor


Ruth Zakutni
Administrative Assistant to the Adult Education Director
419-289-3313 ext 2250