School Community Liason

Linking school with community services

The School/Community Liaison program is funded by the citizens of Ashland County and the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Ashland County.

A School/Community Liaison is a social service professional with the service goals of :

  • Forging strong home/school/community partnerships
  • Increasing school attendance through working with parents
  • Helping students to develop healthy life skills and coping mechanisms
  • Responding to crises in school
  • Helping to provide easier access to community supports by directing students and their families to appropriate resources
  • Engaging families through school activities such as teacher conferences, family programs, home visits, etc.
  • Acting as a support for teachers and staff through collaboration and consultation.

Contact Deb Gilson, School/Community Liaison for ACWHCC, at 419-289-3313, Ext. 277.  Mrs. Gilson also serves as advisor for the Interact Club.


1783 St. Rt. 60 • Ashland, Ohio 44805 • 419.289.3313

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