*In 2015, I chose to pursue a promising career path in registered nursing. I've never worked in the healthcare field before; instead, I've always worked in food service. I knew I loved working with people, and the thought of being a partner with patients by promoting positive changes to their health intrigued me. I began down this path by enrolling at ACWHCC's STNA program in 2016. ACWHCC was affordable and would help me become better familiar with the healthcare field.

Being under the direction of ACWHCC's staff, I quickly learned the importance of the roles of a nursing aid that would serve as the foundation of other healthcare professional roles. My class and I had fun learning the material through interactive media and discussion. We practiced each skill several times to familiarize ourselves with nursing aid work, and became part of a healthcare team serving at a local healthcare agency using acquired skills to help meet clients' health related needs.
After graduating from the STNA program at ACWHCC, I have been accepted into North Central State College's Registered Nursing (RN) program, and am building upon the knowledge, skills, and abilities that I obtained from ACWHCC. I am in my second semester of the program and love it! 
It's my hope, as a male in a typically female-dominant profession to work with families in the community as a nurse practitioner, lending a unique perspective to the profession and to add diversity to healthcare in general. There are several opportunities in nursing for everyone, and I'm thankful to ACWHCC for opening my mind to these opportunities!    -Jamie, 2015

* Before school I was happy and content with working in a factory.  I was happy to be going on my 13th year of employment.  To my dismay, I was handed that all too famous "pink slip".  I searched for over a year in finding employment, but had no success.  The opportunity arose that I could go back to school to learn a different occupation.  I hated the thought of being in a classroom for 6 hours a day.  While on the skeptical side, I decided to give it a shot.  I knew very little about computers or office work.  I am glad my caseworker brought the idea of Business Office Technologies to my attention.... I have learned so much about computers and the different software that's often used in an office.  I feel more confident...I have gained back my self-esteem, my pride, and do not fear trying to learn something new at my age!   -Jeanette, 2011


*It was a challenge to learn all the new skills I have acquired, certifications that have been taken, but has been worth it in the end.  The instructor was patient, throrough, and has gone above and beyond to make sure all of us girls succeed.  -Tiffany, 2011


*I wanted to better my skills and knowledge to get a better paying job...I feel like I did learn a lot and now I can further my career in the places i would enjoy...   -Sue, 2011


*...not only have I learned how to use a computer, coding & billing for insurance and medical terminology, but I have also learned how to weather the cold and how to trust myself and have a little confidence, but also how wonderful and friendly everyone I have met here at school and out of school.  -Betty, 2011

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